Compassionate, Exacting Legal Advocacy 

A Knowledgeable And Experienced Health Care Defense Team

At Thompson-Tinsley Law PLLC, we defend medical professionals and allied health professionals in venues from the New York metropolitan area, throughout the Hudson Valley and to the Capital District region in Albany. Our team has over 60 years of litigation experience, and we have been representing clients in a multitude of claims involving alleged professional negligence, or malpractice for over 27 years. When our clients in New York City or Albany need a dedicated defense team, they turn to us because we have earned a reputation for excellence and skill in our decades of practice.

We Are Equipped To Defend Many Types Of Health Professionals

A central tenet of our legal representation is doing whatever is necessary to keep you focused on the work that matters most – attending to your patients. Our experienced team is efficient and able to put forth an effective defense which minimizes the energy and time required from you. We strategically apply our resources where they will have the greatest impact on your case.

Our practice is not limited to only assisting physicians. We have experience in defending physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and occupational therapists. The risk posed by a malpractice or professional negligence claim is significant to you, which is what matters to us.

In addition to litigation matters, our office also defends medical providers in a variety of administrative disciplinary actions, whether private or governmental. We understand the importance of early legal representation in administrative matters, whether an informal inquiry or a formal proceeding. Because the stakes are high, you can’t compromise your choice of legal representation.

Medical Institutions Require A Strong Health Care Defense Team

In addition to individuals, we also provide representation to medical institutions, such as hospitals, surgery centers, and nursing home facilities. Institutions are often targeted by plaintiffs’ attorneys due to their presumed high resources, including insurance coverage. Just because the named defendant is an institution as opposed to an individual doesn’t mean they deserve a less aggressive defense. The professional reputation of an institution is valued by the people behind it. Our attorneys provide pragmatic, cost-effective, even-tempered, empathetic and warm service to all of our clients, including institutions. You can count on us to provide attentive, highly personalized representation that will leave no stone unturned to defend all claims. That professionalism has earned us the trust of our peers and our previous clients, from whom we receive a large volume of referrals.

Our Team Is Available To Help You

If you are in need of an experienced and skilled health care defense team, call our office today at 845-666-7435 or contact our office online. We offer a free initial consultation, so get yours scheduled today.